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Yarn Bowls

Yarn Bowls are made from hard woods ranging from Pecan, Walnut, Hackberry,  Cedar and Mesquite to name a few.  Each bowl is individual in it's design due to the wood graining and natural color often with gem stone inlay.  They are turned with a tapered wall allowing the yarn to remain in the bowl.  The top of the bowl has a rounded thicker edge to reduce damage if dropped.  A side hole and slot allows easy access for the material.  The bowl is designed with most of the weight at the bottom to reduce tip over.  

Some yarn bowls have handles that allow easy carrying and fold down during use.

Yarn Bowls $50.00 - 90.00
w/Handles $120.00 -140.00

IMG_0696 inlay1_edited.jpg
photo 5_edited_edited.jpg
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